Topics In Urban Studies - Making Liveable Cities

It will focus on the improvement of urban water infrastructure and all its positive side effects on urban liveability. In particular the focus will be on issues such as leadership and proper governance on the part of the city authorities and politicians; the greater economic impact of water investments; and the benefits of a holistic approach to city development (zooming in on water). The aim is to identify best practices and lessons learned and provide a framework, which can be used by city decision makers in general and urban water stakeholders in particular. The module is to raise students’ knowledge in strategic thinking in architecture, Urban Landscapes as well as in designing and constructing open spaces, green and water related projects for their professional practice. According to the multi-disciplinary character, it will focus on good governance, participation as well as on the practice of Art, Engineering and Architecture. Live hands-on experiments and work with relevant examples in a wide range of situations within the professional practice will be crucial.

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