Graduate Seminar Module In Biological Sciences

This is a required module for all research Masters and PhD students admitted from AY2004/2005. The main purpose of this module is to help graduate students to improve their presentation skills and to participate in scientific seminars/exchanges in a professional manner. The module will be spread over one semester and will be graded ?Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory? on the basis of student presentation and participation. In recent years research in life sciences is gaining importance. It is essential for the graduate students to have a `bigger? picture of this multi-disciplinary research field. This module, is designed as one in which students are select specific research papers published within the last two years in the leading journals in life sciences and present a seminar on this paper including suitable literature search and critical analysis. The research paper will be further discussed with their fellow graduate students and lecturers. This seminar style approach is very conducive to spreading new information and getting graduate students aware of and interested in other associated disciplines.

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