Plant And Microbial Development

The lectures and subsequent tutorials and/or discussions will introduce the students to key concepts in plant and microbial development. It will then go on to provide in-depth insight into the molecular mechanisms underlying cell fate determination during major developmental events in various systems such as plants, fungi and microbes. The module encompasses special topics such as fungal dimorphism, microbial dormancy, quorum sensing, transfer and intracellular transport of pathogens, pathogenesis, gametogenesis, endosperm development, apomixis and RNA interference. Intended for fresh graduate students familiar with basic knowledge about cell biology and development Objectives: To provide background knowledge as well as cover recent and significant advances in the field of Plant and microbial development To inculcate the importance of Developmental biology in general and stimulate research interest in life sciences To allow first year graduate students to interact with experts in the field of plant, fungal and microbial development To provide a platform for interaction between graduate students interested in the study of developmental biology To complement the module on Advanced animal development

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