Transformational Service Innovations

In an increasingly competitive world, companies must focus on the investments, outsourcing options, organization and staffing of technology to drive and support business. The critical path to business success is however not the technology itself, but changing the business process and the work supported by the technology. Service transformation around technology is one of the methods by which organizations evolve/sustain themselves and also grow to delight their customers, and to expand their core product/service offerings. Such transformations are underpinned by an attention to the customer, judicious application of information and communications technologies, strategic marketing. and numerous other management tools. Drawing on years of experience managing leading companies based in Singapore and the regions, this module will walk the students through the different scenarios and challenges faced, to provide a holistic approach and an in-depth study of organizations that have transformed themselves using a mix of purpose/strategy, business process (both for productivity or new businesses) and people strategies.

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