Negotiations and Conflict Management

The course objectives are: 1. To teach and enhance negotiation and conflict resolution skills; 2. To get a good mix of participants from different backgrounds and allow participants to interact and share different perspectives to conflict resolution; 3. To adopt an open and experiential to allow participants to reflect, contribute, and relate their life experiences to participation; 4. To provide a good classroom environment in which participant creativity and spontaneity can be encouraged and fostered. The course draws from the experiential workshops on Negotiation conducted at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School and Mediation programs by LEADR in Australia, and also the work on ?difficult conversations? by the Harvard Negotiations Project. The theory of negotiation and conflict resolution will be introduced through short lectures, discussions, and papers. Participants are then expected to apply and demonstrate the acquired knowledge through practice negotiations, mediations, and one-on-one difficult conversations.

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