Leadership in Asia

Asia occupies a special place in the world economy. Some of the biggest economies are found in Asia. For instance, Japan, China, India and South Korea. Culturally, Asia is very different from Europe or the USA or Middle East. The famous GLOBE studies have clearly shown this to be true and how those differences impact leadership effectiveness not just between Asia and the rest of the world, but also within countries in Asia. Given the fact that many of our MBA graduates may end up working in Asia, it will be very useful for them to understand difference between Asia and the rest of the world, and differences between countries in Asia. This module aims to look at core concepts of leadership from a cross cultural perspective, with a heavy emphasis on leadership in Asia. We will examine the difference between leadership and management, the cultural context of leadership, personal attributes of the leader using the Big Five Personality Profiling, the many ways that leaders can exercise influence over his/her subordinates. We then examine the several major leadership models such as transformational leadership, servant leadership, authentic leadership, change leadership and see how a leadership practicitioner needs to adapt these approaches in order to be effective in different parts of Asia.

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