Promotional Management

In today's modern marketplace, advertising and promotions is a fast moving business that is constantly changing. Developing an integrated marketing communications program is usually a complex and exciting process that involves various players and participants. The course will introduce the students to the organizations that create the end products that we experience on a day-to-day basis. Students will learn about the various types of promotional concepts, activities and the processes that go on in the evolution of a promotional campaign. A range of topics, including the advertising management process, the role and tasks of an agency, setting ad objectives, managing creativity, media planning, direct marketing and sales promotions will be covered. Students will also get a chance to develop promotional strategies for real-life businesses and to understand better the importance of creativity and the intricacies of executing promotional plans through hands-on projects. While the module will cover theories in integrated marketing communications, it is generally approached with a practical and applied orientation. Lectures and readings will be supplemented with cases, ad critiques, video clips and talks. Students will acquaint themselves with current and future A & P environments and developments in Singapore and other countries as well as the processes that go on behind the scenes in the management of promotions.

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