International Business And Law

The first part of this module provides for an understanding of cross-border economic activities, especially international trade and foreign direct investment. This part also examines how culture and politics influence the processes and outcomes of international business, especially the contemporary socio-political economy of trade and investment. Other topics include international monetary system, regional economic integration and the strategy and structure of multinational enterprises. The aim is to sensitize the student to a wide array of concepts that, taken together, explain the phenomenon of globalization. The second aspect of this course seeks to impart an understanding of the law by introducing the fundamental principles of contract, company law and commercial law. Topics covered include: principles relating to the formation of contract; how enforceable contract may be discharged; remedies for breach of enforceable contractual obligations; limited liability and the separate legal personality of corporate entities; duties and liabilities of directors; the law relating to insider trading and judicial management; passing of property and risk; implied conditions pertaining to a contract for the sale of goods; remedies against default in performance.

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