Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

This module covers the core concepts and practices of innovation management and entrepreneurship with a specific focus on the challenges and opportunities in the Asia-Pacific context. While the specific choice of topics may vary from one cohort to the next, the module is structured to equip the class participants with a fundamental understanding of the dynamics of technological and business model innovation, the key analytic tools for formulating and implementing innovation strategy, the basic organizational approaches to managing innovation, and the core mindsets and skills of entrepreneurship to discover, evaluate and exploit innovation opportunities for business and social goals. While the module does not assume in-depth knowledge of specific technologies and will use examples and cases covering a diverse range of technological and industry contexts to illustrate the core concepts, it will encourage interactive learning among the class participants through sharing of insights derived from their own respective deep domain knowledge of different technological innovations and business/industry contexts. The module will give special emphasis on challenges and opportunities of innovation and entrepreneurship that are of particular relevance to the Asia-Pacific context, including low-cost disruptive innovation as a competitive strategy, intellectual property (IP) management issues in emerging market contexts, and the entrepreneurial use of social networks in Asian cultures. Besides bringing in experienced innovation managers and entrepreneurs to share their practical experiences with the class, the module will also facilitate knowledge sharing by classmates with start-up entrepreneurial or corporate intrapreneurial experiences.

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