Seminar In Human Resource Management

This is a seminar course for research students who already have some background in the core substantive areas of human resource management. Some familiarity with social science research methods is expected. The specific issues addressed in this seminar include topics such as (1) alternative views of strategic human resource management and sustainable competitive advantage, (2) research on HRM policies and organizational performance, (3) the changing nature of the employment relationship, selection, internal staffing and careers, (4) employee development, skill formation, compensation and performance management, and (5) Research on HR across national borders. Students are required to examine an assortment of conceptual and empirical articles that present the on-going debates among HRM scholars relating to these issues, and to prepare an oral and written critique of the key substantive and methodological issues presented in the articles. In addition, they are required to prepare a draft research proposal explaining how they would be able to examine an important but unresolved issue within the domain of HRM. This proposal does not bind the student to conduct thesis work in this area.

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