Cognition and Affect

This module intends to familiarize students with fundamental research on social psychology, and to help students develop skills including generating and conceptualizing ideas, critical thinking, and designing studies. Topics include: Thinking: 1. Perception and attention 2. Learning and memory 3. Automaticity, implicit processes, priming 4. Embodiment 5. Metacognition, fluency, and problem solving Feeling: 6. Emotions and mood, including discrete emotions, affective ambivalence 7. Subjective well-being, stress and strain 8. Affect as information, affective forecasting 9. Perspective taking, empathy, anthropomorphism, dehumanization Understanding: 10. Influence and persuasion 11. Attitude measurement – preference, choice, evaluation, context effects 12. Self and identity, egoism-altruism, prosocial behavior

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