Overseas Exploratory Project (Europe)

This module enable students to explore the education and research activities in chemistry and the operation of chemical industry in Europe through academic visit to various research institutes, chemistry related companies and taking part in different courses in university. The visit and the course work will be 3 weeks. The students are required to attend a pre-visit workshop (to attain basic technical knowledge required to appreciate the visit), to take part in all the organised activities and to organise and attend a post-visit workshop (to share and report on their experience and findings). Furthermore, they are required to submit a report on their accomplishment of the educational objectives of the trip. In this module students are exposed to both team-based learning and self-directed learning. The module is evaluated on “Completed Satisfactory/Completed Unsatisfactory (CS/CU)” basis on the continual assessment and final report and the student will be evaluated individually.

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