Directed Independent Study In Modern Chemistry

The student pursuing this module are expected to work under the direction of one of the faculty members of the Department of Chemistry. The students will conduct independent reading, research, discussion, and/or writing under the direction of the faculty member. The course grade is usually based on a written report and two seminars covering the research. The teaching objective of the module is for faculty members with expertise in relevant fields of chemical research to impart knowledge on, provide guidance to and stimulate creative thinking of students with interest in modern chemistry. The students are expected to gain in-depth understanding of the chosen topic through discussions/meetings with the faculty members, his/her own research work, and preparation and presentation of written/oral reports. Each student is assigned at least one adviser from the faculty. The student should meet with his/her adviser at the beginning of the semester. The adviser and student will select a topic for investigation within the advisers area of expertise. For example, the assignment might require the students to read some recent journal articles or chapters in selected books. During subsequent meetings, the student and adviser will discuss the material and related issues. The student will then prepare a brief written report summarizing the background and significance of the problem under consideration, the approaches used to solve the problem, and the results of the investigations reported in the articles or books. The written report is due at the end of the semester. The student will also be required to make two oral presentations (one around the middle of the semester, and another one at the end of the semester) to show his or her understanding of the problem, and what he or she has read.

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