Environmental Planning

Objective - The module will introduce students to the multi-disciplinary nature of environmental planning, by exploring the basic principles of sustainable development and the physical planning instruments that can be employed to achieve it. The course will include an introduction to urban and regional planning theory as the framework for the discussion of environmental planning procedures. The decision environment involving the policy framework and resources, the use of strategic, sectoral, master and local plans, regulatory instruments, economic measures, participatory processes and public investment projects will be covered. Processes of identifying desired developments and intensities, site selection, planning, design and construction management, mitigation and augmentation of environmental impacts would be discussed. The course will include a master planning project, that will demonstrate the technical, decision-making and plan formulation, site planning and design procedures involved. Targeted Students - For students on the M.Sc. (Environmental Management) program. Research students and students from graduate programs in architecture and urban design may apply subject to suitability of candidate and availability of places.

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