Real-Time Embedded Systems

The objectives of this module are to present the theoretical foundations of real-time systems and to discuss the practical aspects of their implementation. It describes the characteristics of a real-time computing system and students are taught how to design a real-time embedded system using structured data flow methodology. Concepts of time-critical I/O and real-time deadlines are emphasized, as are the important aspects of real-time operating systems, scheduling and the practical implementation of embedded systems and firmware. Other topics covered include deadlock management and process communications. Various case studies on industrial real-time systems will be exhibited to give students a real-world feel for such systems. Students will undertake a mini project involving a real-time embedded system. Topics covered: Introduction to real-time and embedded systems; Time critical I/O handling; Real-time embedded software design; Concurrent programming; Real-time operating systems; Scheduling and time-critical processing; Deadlock management; Process communications; Case studies of real-time embedded systems.

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