FS: Transforming Medicine: From Bench to Beside & Beyond

In the past 50 years, rapid advances in medical research have revolutionised clinical medicine. New and emerging techniques in research have pushed forward our understanding of physiology, pharmacology and pathology, paving the way for fundamental changes in diagnosis and treatment. As medical research has developed, it has also raised important questions for researchers, clinicians, legislators and the public. Important topics covered will include the progress and pitfalls of the human genome project and how advances in biochemistry have informed our understanding of human disease. The course will also cover revolutionary advances in neuroscience, the cardiovascular and metabolic system, and cancer, and how these have shaped our understanding of human disease. The transfer of information gathered in basic science research to the clinic will be examined, along with the impact this has had on society as a whole. Students will learn some of the basic scientific and clinical principles underlying these advances, and will examine how they are placed in a medical, social, legal and ethical context. Students will develop a better understanding of how science and medicine interact with society and the community.

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