FS: The 5 S's of Molecules

The title of this seminar is "The Five S's of Molecules" We live in a molecular world, when many current science subjects seem to gravitate towards molecules. Examples are plentiful, such as "Molecular Biology", "Molecular Genetics", "Molecular Electronics", "Molecular Medicine", "Molecular Informatics", "Molecular Engineering", "Molecular Pharmacology", "Molecular Ecology", "Molecular Machines"... etc. In the "Science of Molecules" viz. "Chemistry", the focus is on molecular design, molecular structure, molecular synthesis, molecular activity and molecular function. The function depends on the activity, which in turn is governed by the design and structure. Chemical synthesis is generally guided by good structural design. Molecular structures therefore are the fundamentals in molecular science. In this seminar series, we shall discuss with the class the underlying principles of chemical structures, with specific focus on the interrelationship among the five S's of molecules -Science, Structure, Stability, Symmetry, and, Space. The mode of teaching and learning focuses on group learning, interaction, independent enquiry, project work, molecular models, and public presentations. Writing and presentations are essential elements in this freshmen seminar. There will also be hands-on sessions on molecular models and molecular origami. Seminar website address (if available): 88580af53144&ClickFrom=Outline

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