Reporting Statistics in the Media

Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write' (H.G. Wells). In the Information Age every educated person is surrounded by statistical information of all kinds. This information comes frequently through the media from governmental, scientific and commercial worlds. This module, using a minimum of mathematical or statistical prerequisites, aims to make the student statistically literate in reading and understanding such information. The course will be based on real world case studies of issues of current importance and relevance. The students' objectives in this course are as follows: (1) Students will learn to read, critically analyze, write about and present reports about all types of quantitative information. (2) Students will learn the strengths and weaknesses of using quantitative information in different circumstances. (3) Students will study a number of case studies of current interest. They will be able to compare and contrast the statistical treatments from different sources.

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