Tropical Plant Identification 2

This module follows from Tropical Plant Identification 1. Matching plants to site will be one of the topics covered. Because of the tropical context the focus will be on trees. The course will leverage on the experience gained through establishing Singapore as a “Garden City”. The creation of a forest within a city, an "urban forest”, is one of its aims. The course will start with an appreciation of the immense biodiversity of plants in our region. The irreplaceable values that natural primary forests have will be emphasized. The case of the need to extend these forests by recreating them in the urban context will be discussed. The appropriate use of non-indigenous plants will also be covered. The need to be ecological-minded when selecting plants will be emphasized with particular attention being placed on conservation; the beautification of place should not be done at the expense of making another landscape look less attractive. Lectures will be augmented with field trips which serve illustrate the application of the principles discussed to the ground. The business implications to matching the right plant to site, using quality plants and then being able to care for them professionally will be covered.

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