Urban Greening: Technologies and Techniques

This module introduces the different contemporary and emerging technologies and techniques that have become essential components of urban greening design and practices. It traces the origins of such technologies and techniques as responses to challenges in creating a green and ecologically-balanced urban environment, explains their scientific underpinnings, and provides examples of real-life applications. It emphasizes the role of R&D in a continual process to improve the performance of greening in areas of sustainability, ecological health, and liveability of the built envirobment. Topics covered include metrics used to measure greenery, technologies used to integrate greenery with the grey (buildings and infrastructure), blue (waterways and waterbodies) and brown (road infrastructure) elements of the built environment, and plants as the basic building blocks of functional landscapes. The module will be conducted through lectures, class discussion and site visits demonstrating real-life applications as well as R&D in progress.

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