The Trial of Jesus in Western Legal Thought

The Trial of Jesusis an excellent case for students to learn how to conduct non-practical studies of legal and normative issues. It is, arguably, the most consequential legal event in the evolution of Western Civilization. We will examine the historical, political, and legal background to the Trial, and, especially, the procedural propriety of the Trial. Questions to be explored include: Were hisprocedural rights preserved during his trial before the Sanhedrin? Was histrial a miscarriage of justice? Through reflecting upon these and other questions, we will explore if and how thistrialshaped the Western culture. This module is also concerned with the ‘method’ or ‘process’ of how students digest and integrate ’substance’ or‘content’. Thus,there is emphasis on the significance of understanding and clarifying, the complexity of each and every problem, and not only the importance of offering, or trying to offer, a clever solution to it.

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