Fluid Mechanics I

This is an introductory course to fluid mechanics as applied to engineering. After introducing the basic terminology and a classification of fluid and flow, the students are taught fluid statics, which cover hydrostatic forces on submerged bodies, surface tension forces, buoyancy, metacentric height and stability of floating bodies. Numerous examples of engineering application pertaining to each aspect of fluid statics are presented. In the section on fluid dynamics, basic principles of fluid motion are introduced. This covers the continuity equation, Bernoulli and energy equations, and free-surface flows including hydraulic jumps. The momentum equation and its engineering application using the control volume approach are included. The section on flow measurements introduces students to a variety of common instrumentation that are used in pressure, velocity and volumetric measurements, and this is reinforced with laboratory experiments. In the analysis of engineering results, the dimensional analysis and similitude are taught, with engineering examples. This is a core module.

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