This module presents the fundamentals of classical electrodynamics in depth. It covers: (1) Relativistic formulation of the EM field: four-vectors and tensors, four-vector potential, field strength tensor, energy-momentum vector, covariance of electrodynamics. (2) Radiation by a point charge: Retarded potential, Lienard-Wiechert potentials, radiation reaction and the Abraham-Lorentz formula, Larmor's formula for radiated power and its relativistic generation, angular distribution pattern, Cherenkov radiation in a dielectric medium, Bremsstrahlung. (3) Simple radiating systems: Multipole expansion of the EM fields, energy and angular momentum of multipole radiation, angular distribution, multipole radiation sources and linear antenna, and (4) Scattering and diffraction: Kirchoff's integral, diffraction by a small aperture, Thomson and Rayleigh scattering, scattering by a conducting sphere. A good mathematical foundation is required.

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