Special Topics In Physics

This module presents special selected topics of current interest. For this academic year, the module aims to introduce novel magnetic phenomena in solids with emphasis on physics and applications of spin based electronics or spintronics. The topics covered include general introduction to magnetism, exchange interactions in magnetic solids, band structure, half metals, dilute magnetic semiconductors, spin dependent electrical transport, spin polarization & detection, magneto transport in multilayers, oxides & magnetic semiconductors, magnetic nanostructures and spin injection across various interfaces. Other spin dependent phenomena such as magneto caloric, magneto elastic, magneto impedance and magnetic resonance effects will also be discussed. Application of spintronics in novel devices including GMR read heads, MRAM, spinFET, spin transistor, magnetic sensors for strain & bio-molecule detection will be illustrated. This module is targeted at postgraduate students of physics, engineering and materials science who have basic knowledge in magnetism and solid state physics/devices.

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