Global Health Policy And Issues

The changing social, economic, technological and political conditions across the diverse countries and populations of Asia, and the world mean that there is a need for policy professionals to have an overview of global health policies and associated issues. To do that, this module examines the roles and relationships among major players at the global level, and different approaches taken by various international organizations and national governments in tackling health and related problems in the context of the post-2015, post-MDG development agenda. The module will also compare and contrast global health policies with international policy instruments in other areas related to health. The module will examine global health trends and issues using a macro policy framework. Significant challenges in the organization of global health programmes and the complexities involved in international cooperation and the implementation of international policy instruments will be analysed through selected case-studies. Topics on current issues will include: role of international health organizations, international aid and development assistance, emerging epidemics and disasters, non-communicable diseases (including tobacco use), health impacts of climate change, cross-border health issues (e.g. food security), migration of health human resources (brain drain), international trade in health services, global health diplomacy, international health law and the future of global health.

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