Pharmacy Practice I

To introduce essential knowledge required in the profession of pharmacy. To perform esential steps in the prescription dispensing process. To use pharmacy references to determine indications, precautions, adverse affects, dosage and administration information relevant to prescription and non-prescription medications dispensed. Major topics: An overview of pharmacy practice and operations. The roles and responsibility of a pharmacist. Introduction to Drug-Related Problems, the Therapeutic Thought Process, Adverse Drug Reactions, Drug Interactions and Evidence-Based Medicine. Introduction to the sources of drug information and approaches to drug information search. Introduction of the different types of pharmaceutical dosage forms, their uses and applications. Medical terminology and abbreviations. Pharmaceutical calculation required for compounding and dispensing, entailing dosage adjustments, calculation of doses, reducing and enlarging of formulae, dilution and concentration, isotonicity adjustment and milliequivalence calculation, constituted solutions, rate of flow calculations, body mass index (BMI). Introduction to the labelling requirements to dispensed medicines, the importance of patient compliance and patient counselling. Target students: Pharmacy Year one.

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