Basic Software Engineering Discipline

SG4001-1 Introduction to Software Engineering This is a general introduction to the SE Programme. It gives students the course overview, course rules and regulations. Details of student administration are given, and an introduction to the SE core units and the SE electives units is given. This module is compulsory for all SE students. SG4001-2 Software Engineering Process The objective of this course is to teach how to understand software engineering processes, and how to model these processes using a derivative of the SADT methodology. This module looks at Software development life cycle processes, processes for planning and controlling software development and Quality management processes. This module is compulsory for all SE students. SG4001-3 Introduction to Object -Oriented Programming The objective of this module is to introduce students to the basic concepts of object orientation. The course covers the topics of basic object modeling and OO programming. This is illustrated with the Java Language and development environment. Detailed concepts such as classes and instances, static and packages are covered. Java language concepts such as inheritance, exceptions, basic library classes, Java Collections, and input and output mechanisms will be described. There will be a Java programming assignment. This module is compulsory for all SE students.

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