The Evolution of a Global City-State

The history of Singapore has traditionally been conceived along internal lines, based mainly, if not solely, on the traditional trajectories of administrative, political and national historical narratives. Yet, as we all know, the evolution of Singapore, from classical regional emporium to international port city and strategic naval base, has all along been defined by much larger regional and international forces. After its emergence as a sovereign state in 1965, Singapore continues to project itself as a 'global city-state'. Our local society has an 'international' make-up, being the product as it were of historical and current diasporic trends. This module provides an international framework for a study of the history of Singapore, and seeks to examine the historical evolution of Singapore against the contexts of regional and international changes and developments from the 14th to the 20th century. This module is open to all students throughout NUS interested in Singapore history/studies.

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