Theory and Elements of Urban Design

This course introduces the different theoretical approaches to urban design and provides the philosophical underpinnings to the various bodies of theories. The application of these theories to the design of urban environments will be examined. With a greater understanding of the various theories, this course will serve as a base from which students can develop their own convictions and approaches to urban design. It also examines the fundamentals of urban design and the factors in the related fields of urban planning, architecture and landscape architecture that influence the creation of urban spaces. The course aims to lead students to critically examine and investigate the many ways through which the city is imagined, developed, formed and occupied. There are two components to the course, lectures and seminars. Lectures will present the theoretical concepts and models of thought regarding urban design. Seminars focus on the discussion and interrogation of influential writings and case studies of urban projects, and present opportunities for students to interpret and debate the relevance and applications of these modes of thinking and acting on the built environment.

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