University Scholars Seminar

This module requires students to reflect on and further develop the intellectual dimension of their academic, professional or social interests. It revolves around a series of talks given by invited speakers, organised into three strands: (i) the academic strand, which introduces various areas and modes of academic inquiry; (ii) the professional strand, which introduces various professions and looks into the nature of the knowledge society; (iii) the social strand, which examines an individual's intellectual and social engagement with the increasingly interdependent world. Facilitated by the instructors, students will engage in discussions in small groups. The focus of these discussions need not be on the content of the talks per se, but on the process of intellectual inquiry; and the aim is not to find answers per se, but to ask (good and feasible) questions. The module reinforces skills learnt in Writing and Critical Thinking, and allows students to apply them to a diverse range of issues. Assessed on a CS/CU basis, the 4-MC module is completed in two semesters (student's Semester 2 & 3). Students are required to attend at least nine talks (minimum four per semester), participate actively in discussion, and submit four short response papers and two longer papers. Students will have to perform satisfactorily in each of these assessment modes. No partial MC will be given. Registration for this one-year long module will be opened for a new intake of first-year students only in Semester 2 of each academic year.

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